Gain visibility and security of your medical devices with a cybersecurity platform dedicated to healthcare

The Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare platform protects your medical devices from cyber-attacks to ensure patient safety, data confidentiality and service availability for your users.

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  • Use passive discovery to detect and classify all connected medical devices.
  • Analyse device usage, monitor risks and search for any anomalies in your device behaviour.
  • Assess and manage risks, report threats, and reconcile device information across data sources.

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A single source of truth for all your connected medical devices.

The Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare platform delivers a complete picture of IT across your organisation to ensure that your assets, including laptops, computers and medical IoT devices, are discovered, managed, secured and serviced.

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Malware and cyber-attacks to IT and medical devices puts both your hospital and patients at risk.

  • 33% of CT machines use default passwords
  • 40% of all connected medical devices run an unsupported OS
  • 65% of hospitals have low confidence in asset visibility.

Discover, manage and secure your IoMT

Discover and classify all the IoMT devices on your network to safeguard your organisation against cyber-attacks.