Defend your network, system and medical devices against cyber security attacks

There has been a 300% rise in healthcare cyber-attacks since the beginning of 2020. Connected medical devices present massive potential vulnerabilities for healthcare organisations.

Devices can’t be disconnected because of their critical roles in patient care and standard network infrastructure and IT solutions aren't able to secure them. This leaves you exposed, potentially jeopardising patient safety, data confidentiality, and service availability.
  • 50% of hospitals don’t conform to NIST guidelines.
  • 40% of all connected medical devices run
    an unsupported OS.
  • 65% of hospitals have low confidence in asset visibility.

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The most common threats affecting healthcare organisations today


Widely prevalent in connected healthcare environments due to outdated and unpatched operating systems in myriad devices.

Outdated firmware

Many devices run embedded operating systems which are even less frequently updated than consumer OS’, and vulnerabilities are not well known.

Unsecured services

Devices commonly ship with open communications protocols, like Telnet, FTP or HTTP, which are not authenticated and contain vulnerabilities.

Assess and prioritise the security and risk of your IoMT